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Keratinocyte Skin Cancer

(also known as non-melanoma skin cancer)

Encourage participation



UK TREND held an open meeting on Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

on Friday 18 March 2016


A number of topics were discussed


  - Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer and the e-Delphi exercise


  - UK-wide collaborative research; insights from BADBIR, PSORT and the UK TREND Eczema Initiative


  - What are the major themes in Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer


  - Challenges in Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer 


  - Cancer and pre-cancer 


  - Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, prevention, actinic keratosis, field                     cancerization/change and immunocompetent/immunosuppressed patients


                                 Click here to see the questions used in the e-Delphi exercise

Next steps


Challenges & Opportunities




UK TREND held a second Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Meeting

on 2 December 2016 at the BAD


The agenda included:


- Incidence of NMSC in the UK


- In vitro models of skin cancer


- Squamous cell carcinoma metastases


- Overview of NCRI skin cancer group studies


- Future project development


Future project streams - epidemiology, prevention and risk of metastasis



To register your interest in attending the next meeting,

 please email the BAD Research Administrators at and

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