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                  UK TREND offers advice and support for research study development


In line with its core aims and objectives, UK TREND offers to support its members in facilitating the development of multi-centred studies in the UK and Ireland focused on translational research in skin biology and dermatology.


UK TREND has performed an e-Delphi exercise.

The prioritisation exercise was conducted under 4 main headings:  

Inflammatory skin disease

Structural skin disorders / genodermatoses

Skin cancer

Miscellaneous (this category includes other skin conditions or areas of skin biology)                                                    


The UK TREND Steering Committee meets twice a year, in Spring and Autumn and the applications for support should allow 8 weeks.


UK TREND has supported the TREatment of Severe Atopic Dermatitis (TREAT) Trial


UK TREND would like to congratulate Dr Carsten Flohr and his team at St John’s Institute of Dermatology, Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and King’s College London for being awarded funding from the NIHR Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME) Programme to conduct a randomised controlled trial assessing the effectiveness, safety and cost-effectiveness of methotrexate versus ciclosporin in the treatment of severe atopic dermatitis in children.



Medical Research Council (MRC)


The MRC has an interactive career framework to explore career and funding options.  This has a range of funding options, including the MRC, Wellcome Trust and NIHR, for more information, click here.


The MRC also has more information including videos regarding the benefits of its Clinical Training Fellowships and how to apply.  If you would like to view these, please click here.

UK TREND supports All Trials campaign to ensure that results of all clinical trials disclosed openly.


For more information and videos click here.

UK TREND encourages patients to get involved with support groups (click here) and forums like Talk Health Partnership (click here).

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Three broad areas of support are offered


Early stage multi-centred research proposals/consortia


UK TREND will facilitate the development of multi-centred research proposals/consortia on specific topics or disease areas that are at a relatively early stage through an iterative process.


UK TREND will provide meeting facilities, access to experts through its membership, advice from the Steering Committee and affiliated groups, and some start-up funding for the initial meetings.


Where applicable UK TREND will facilitate networking and interaction with clinicians and basic scientists, patient groups and industrial partners relevant to the research topic. Where the study includes a multi-centre clinical trial, UK TREND will facilitate liaison with the UK dermatology clinical trials network (UKDCTN).  


We welcome interaction and discussion; usually the principal investigator of the study will be asked to attend the prioritisation meeting to present key elements of the proposed study and to answer any questions.






Well developed multi-centre studies


For well developed multi-centre studies, UK TREND offers advice and feedback on grant applications being submitted to national or international grant funding bodies.






Established multi-centre projects and consortia


For multi-centre projects/consortia that are established UK TREND offers linkage to its membership, facilitation of new collaborations and links to other relevant centres and/or industrial partners.  By becoming affiliated to UK TREND, established studies/consortia can themselves contribute to the development of translational studies across the UK.  Moreover, affiliated studies/consortia will further enable UK TREND to engage with stakeholders and funding agencies and to raise the profile of dermatology and skin biology research.




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