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Eugene Healy

Marilyn Benham

Mabs Chowdhury

David Kelsell

Irene Leigh

Catriona Maybury

Edel O’Toole

Nick Reynolds

Emma Rush

Catherine Smith

Stephen Smith

Desmond Tobin

UK TREND is a multidisciplinary structure


advisory org for website wall of fame Oct 2015



BAD Chief Executive Officer

BAD Academic Vice President

Non-Clinical Academic Representative

Co-opted (UKKCC Chair)

Research Trainee Representative

Co-opted (BADGEM Chair)

Past (1st) Chair of UK TREND

Lay Representative of Patient Network

UK DCTN Representative

Research Trainee Representative

Co-opted (BSID Chair)

Clockwise from top left: Marilyn Benham, Nick Reynolds, Mike Ardern-Jones, Chris Griffiths, Eugene Healy, Irene Leigh, Sara Brown and Kave Shams

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Chris Griffiths (Chair)

Cyril Clarke

Andrew Finlay

Open Vaccancies on the Steering Committee


• Clinical Dermatologists Representative

• Clinical Academic Representative

• Non-Clinical Academic Representative

• Nurse/Allied Health Professional Representative

• Scientists from Pharma Representative

• Lay Representative of Patient Network (two positions)


To apply, please send a short cover letter to express your interest and CV via email to