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Our Team

Nick Reynolds  

Chris Griffiths        

Eugene Healy  

Ruth Murphy  

Mike Ardern-Jones

Sara Brown  

David Kelsell  

Shernaz Walton  

Kave Shams

Emma Rush        

Steven Ersser

Marilyn Benham

Irene Leigh

Helen Young

UK TREND is a multidisciplinary structure


advisory org for website wall of fame Oct 2015

Chair UK TREND Steering Committee

Chair UK TREND Advisory Committee

Deputy Chair and & BAD Research Sub-committee Chair

BAD Academic Vice President

BSID & THESIS Representative

Clinical Academic Representative

Non-clinical Academic Representative

Clinical Dermatologist Representative

Dermatology Trainee Representative

Vitiligo Support UK & Lay/Patient Representative

Nursing Representative

CEO British Association of Dermatologists

Co-opted member (BADGEM)

BSID Chair

Clockwise from top left: Marilyn Benham, Nick Reynolds, Mike Ardern-Jones, Chris Griffiths, Eugene Healy, Irene Leigh, Sara Brown and Kave Shams

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