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If you are interested in becoming involved with our various eczema research initiatives, please email Please include "Eczema" in the subject title of the email message.


Keratinocyte Skin Cancer


The next open meeting of the UK TREND Keratinocyte Skin Cancer Group will be held at 16.30hrs on 4th July 2018 at the BAD Annual Meeting in Edinburgh.


If you are interested in more information, such as finding out how you can collaborate with this group, please email Please include "Skin Cancer" in the subject title of the email message.

October 2017

UK TREND Atopic Eczema Stratified Medicine Workshop as part of the Newcastle University Proximity to Discovery Programme, held at the BAD.


July 2017

UK TREND Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer meeting held at BAD Annual Meeting in Liverpool.


February 2017

UK TREND atopic eczema stratified medicine workshop as part of the Newcastle University Proximity to Discovery Programme


December 2016

Second Non Melanoma Skin Cancer meeting held at the BAD


July 2016

An open meeting for UK TREND was held at the BAD Annual Meeting in Birmingham on 7 July 2016.  Programme is available here.


March 2016 - Open Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer meeting was held at the BAD


July 2015

An open meeting and a Hot Topic session (see here) were given at the BAD Annual Meeting in Manchester in July 2015.


April 2015

A poster and presentation was given to the BSID meeting in Southampton.


March 2015

UK TREND facilitated an Atopic Eczema Open Meeting on Wednesday 25 March, a second meeting to develop key research themes and collaborative working is also planned.


February 2015

Methotrexate compared to azathioprine for the treatment of moderate-to-severe atopic eczema in adults: a multi-centre, randomised controlled trial (MAZE). A planning meeting was held on 13 February at the British Association of Dermatologists(BAD) it was attended by clinicians, scientists, statisticians and representatives from patient support groups.  


December 2014

UK TREND attended the Psoriasis from Gene to Clinic 7th International Congress held in London on 11-13 December


November 2014

UK TREND 1st Open Meeting was held on Thursday 13 November 2014 Programme is available here.


June 2014

The official launch of the UK-TREND at Willan House on Thursday 5 June 2014. Programme is available here.


October 2013

Senior dermatology researchers including representatives of UK-TREND met the CMO, Prof Dame Sally Davies in October 2013. The 3-hour meeting principally focused on the crisis in dermatology clinical care, but the importance of UK dermatological research was also emphasised


July 2013

UK TREND e-Delphi exercise starts to prioritise which research questions the dermatology research community needs to address


October 2012

Inaugural meeting of the UK TREND Steering Committee

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