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We will:


•  work in conjunction with UK dermatology clinical trials network (UK DCTN, and minimise duplication of efforts


•  facilitate international and cross-specialty collaboration


•  facilitate collaborative working involving clinicians and basic scientists and

   engagement in skin research


•  develop a UK strategy for translational research in dermatology and skin



•  engage and collaborate with the pharmaceutical industry and Biotech.


•  train, mentor and equip the next generation of basic and clinical scientists in

   dermatological research


•  engender a research active and supportive environment in our clinical

   departments and research institutions


•  raise the profile of dermatology and skin biology research both nationally and



•  engage with stakeholders and funding agencies (including MRC, Wellcome,



•  gather and disseminate information regarding opportunities for funding and

   availability of resources/expertise/techniques/methodologies to facilitate

   interactions across the UK


•  UK TREND Constitution

The establishment of UK TREND began in February 2013 following an open meeting to gauge support and gather ideas from the UK translation research community

The aims of UK TREND are to support, facilitate and further develop internationally-leading, translational research in skin biology and skin disease across the UK for the direct benefit of patient care.


In this context, we have defined translational research to be the direct application of basic and applied research to patient care. This may encompass diagnostics, biomarkers, disease mechanisms and the development of new therapies that then impact on clinical practice.

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